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Just wondering what the percentage chance of the Pai Gow dealer winning 5,6 or 7 hands in a row, disregarding ties,pushes, since no money changes hands.
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7 hands is 127.345627 approximately.
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Quote: buzzpaff

7 hands is 127.345627 approximately.

I'm glad you rounded that off:-)

the dealer wins a little over 50% of the time, depending on the exact set of hand-setting rules that the player and dealer are using. so .5ish^n is the formula to use to find the probability of the dealer winning n hands in a row. taking 1/result will give the to-1 version of the answer (like Buzz's 1:127 above)
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I actually got 1 in 109.75 using 28.61% as Player and 29.91% as Dealer figuring 7 straight Dealer wins no push. This from WoO site.
Nonetheless, rather common. For 7 straight hands dealt the odds are about 1 in 4670 that the Dealer will win all 7.
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THANKS, seems a little stronger than I thought, but Thanks for the quick answer.
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Well, if RaleighCraps is at the table the odds of the dealer winning 100 in a row is about 1:1.

Man I hate the way that game treats me...................
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THANKS for the link to the Streak Calculator, Mustangsally

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