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WizardOfVegas.com was launched to the general public on November 9, 2009. The goal of the site is to be an informative travel guide about Las Vegas. It is also a spinoff of the casino odds web site WizardOfOdds.com, with an emphasis on the gambling scene in Las Vegas. The owner and primary writer for the site is Michael Shackleford, and the webmaster is the mysterious JB. Here you'll find a review of almost every hotel in Vegas, lots of shows, and other miscellaneous attractions. However, our most popular feature is the forum where you're welcome to learn from each other about Vegas, gambling in general, and whatever else is on your mind.

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Posted by ChesterDog Dec 08 2016 00:04:41

An infinite-deck analysis gives the same basic strategy changes recommended by teliot. So, use...


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Posted by mamat Dec 07 2016 23:53:27

I heard from a former slot machine tester...that all slots have problems. It's like windows. ...


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Posted by MrV Dec 07 2016 23:39:00

1st Brit: "Look, they're hanging Japanese war criminals." 2d Brit: "Blimey, there's a little...


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Posted by bobbartop Dec 07 2016 23:34:20

lol I bet you did :-)

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Posted by ProfessorSlot Dec 07 2016 23:31:43

That would depend of the casino it self. The are the organizer of the tournament and they are the...

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Threads: 504 Posts: 9787

Big Time Scam

Nov 28, 2016 by Mission146

There was recently a massive online casino scam that involved a syndicate acting in a blatant effort to defraud the casino which may have included...

Online Gaming Growth

Oct 02, 2016 by Mission146

There can be no question that online gambling revenues have increased substantially over the last decade. For any of you out there who may doubt...

Name Brands Online?

Sep 06, 2016 by Mission146

This article focuses on PlayTech who have recently announced they will be rolling out the 21+3 blackjack side bet for their live dealer games. ...

The Hollywood Problem (Part II)

Sep 05, 2016 by Mission146

This article details the last part of my dealings with the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, OH as I try to finally get my $500 in Free Play from the,...

Getting It Back

Aug 31, 2016 by Mission146

In this article, we look at the popular concept of trying to, ‘Get it back,’ by which a player who is down some amount of money chases his losses...

The Hollywood Problem

Aug 30, 2016 by Mission146

My girlfriend's issues claiming her loss rebate on Hollywood Casino's, 'Play $500 on Us,' Promotion was only the beginning of my problems with...

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