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I wanted to talk about the Palms a little bit since the new owners have taken over. So far... not as bad as I thought it would be. They took a few games out but put the same game on uprights instead of flat tops. They still have the game that I thought they would for sure shut down. They still offer a lot of free gift days. It seems they are still giving 10x/6x days on Thursdays but of course the card is not nearly as good as it was. They still kept a few playable reels that I know about but once again the card isn't as strong. The free play is still decent IMHO. It doesn't feel like the Stations just yet. I was in the Host Office the other day and it was still the same old same old but now they give out written comps. I expect a remodel of that area down the road. Some machines are marked incorrectly which is good for the player still. I have been testing the waters to see what happens. I put over 300k in December to see what happens. I figure that nobody will talk publicly about this and I am sure I have said too much but I don't mind sharing trivial information publicly and hope to see if anyone else shares.
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Thursday's $5 senior buffet with free all-U-can-drink wine is totally out.

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