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Is this old news?

Everyone seems to be branching out from the Mothership(Las Vegas).
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Well damn! I was there early in the day on Monday. I'm glad I didn't hit them while they were closed...
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Quote: ten2win

Everyone seems to be branching out from the Mothership(Las Vegas).

Boyd has been spread out in the Midwest and South for some time.

Revenue for Boyd Gaming
Las Vegas Locals 31%
Downtown Las Vegas 11%
Midwest and South 37%
Atlantic City 20%

Less than a year after Borgata opened, Boyd Gaming announced plans to acquire Coast Casinos, Inc., one of the largest operators of locals casinos in the Las Vegas market. Completed on July 1, 2004, the $1.3 billion acquisition gave Boyd Gaming four additional Las Vegas properties—Suncoast, Gold Coast, the Orleans and Barbary Coast.

But since Echelon tanked it is unlikely that they will build anything in Vegas for some time.

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