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Hey guys, so these past few weeks I put in a HUGE amount of coin-in (compared to my regular play) on a dollar progressive and a quarter progressive at the two Fiestas. I had a host at each property introduce their self to me and got offered a $60 food/room comp right out the gate.

Normally, I play the 100%+ FPDW almost exclusively and haven't got any host contact or any special mail outside the crap they send to everybody with a players card. I've been President status since March.

Would playing the FPDW machines with my player's card hurt me in any way? Especially if the alternative is just not playing with my player's card and getting $0 coin-in for the day? I might just play quarter 9/6 Jacks on their 6x points days just to for mail and tier credits

But if the 100%+ Machines won't penalize my mail or comps, then I'll continue playing those.
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August 12th, 2017 at 11:22:54 PM permalink
Please check your PM inbox for a response.
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Quote: doughtaker

Please check your PM inbox for a response.

Makes me think I'm missing out on something valuable.

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