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Quote: Romes

I disagree. If the board is J-J-6-6-2 and I have 10-7, the dealer cards are unseen yet I need to make a decision based on them. I most certainly have outs to win if the dealer has 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9. Those are my "win outs" remaining in all of the unseen cards (including the dealers hand). Outs in poker mostly refer to the community because the other player is not playing his hand blind. Here, the dealer is blind, so his cards are "random" until seen, just like the community cards. Similar to flipping over another community card to give me a winning hand, the dealer can flip over "winning cards" (my win outs here) to give me the winning hand all the same.

You can call it what you want, but you are mis-using the poker term "outs". It's a standard term and definition. You will just confuse people if you try using it different.

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