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March 19th, 2017 at 11:15:33 AM permalink
Handicapper Dan Gordon has just died. We had a thread earlier on WoV that discussed the value of his picks. I believe he was an excellent handicapper. I found out the news from a thread on BJTF. Several people there posted and he was highly regarded there and by many others. I communicated with him there and I disagreed with one of his picks and he was very courteous and respectful in his replies. He often did free analysis of NFL bets there. When he did this he never promoted his service. He was the author of 3 books all of which are highly regarded. The most popular was "Beat the Sports Books" which is included in Arnold Synder's website's library. He also wrote "Memoirs of a Sports Bettor and Blackjack Earner," and "Las Vegas Blackjack Diary" which he wrote under the pseudonym of Stuart Perry. Linked is the thread with the comments from BJTF if you would care to read them. RIP Dan.

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Touts are the scum of the earth. The largest collection of frauds and snake oil salesmen. Stay away. Far away.

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