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Hi all

When I play in a slot machine with a progressive Jackpot, there is a chance of winning at every spin.
However, If I play the casino with several currencies supported, each spin costs me a different sum. Assuming the game is not based on credits (Like 888's millionaire Genie) which straightens the field, does this not allow the user playing for the cheaper currency more spins for his money, and therefore increased chances to win?

Thanks for your help :)
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The different denominations do not usually have the same odds of winning. On some of IGT's and Aristocrat's progressive games, for example, the higher denominations have more progressive symbols on the reels. So, while it's possible to win playing for $.01, it's more likely (but still a loooooooong shot) that you'll win playing $.05.
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Did he mean "denominations" like penny, nickel, dime, etc., or "currencies" like dollar, euro, pound, etc. He said "currencies." While odds change with denominations (at least, they're programmed for different probabilities even though they *could* be programmed at all the same odds), I would wonder if odds change with currencies ... unless it's something like, you get 100 credits for US$100, but even though 100 euros = US$100 (it doesn't but this is just an example), you only get 99 credits for 100 euros on a machine with the same probabilities, meaning a lower net EV?
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He seems to be implying that there is jackpot in a fixed currency, like Euros, but you can use other currencies to play the game. I would assume the fixed pays are relative to the currency played with. If that is correct, one should still use the least valuable currency, because he is getting a shot at the jackpot at a cheap price.

I don't have an account at 888, so can't investigate what is going on. If a casino came to me and asked how they should do, I would recommend either having a separate jackpot for each currency, or to base the jackpot on the most valuable currency, and if the player bets a different currency and hits the jackpot, he would get paid a prorated amount, based on the value of the currency he bet. It would be too complicated to use separate reel stripping for each currency, because the currency values are always fluctuating.
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Often multi-currency online casinos will have the jackpot value stated as the same number across multiple currencies driven by whatever is the most valuable. Bet 1 GBP, win 1M GBP; bet 1 EUR, win 1M EUR. Anything that's left over if a lower-value currency player hits the jackpot just rolls over.
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Hi all

thanks for the replies. I am talking about a casino where the Jackpot sum is the same for anyone playing in any currency. However, the bet can differ, so it seems to me like you can spin for 1 dollar, or one pound.
that seems to me like I can get a cheaper spin at the jackpot depending on my currency. It seems that this is a workaround to what rdw4potus has mentioned, as I am spinning for a higher denomination, but for less money.
Only solution I know for this is what Party casino do, which is playing for credits. but have I found a golden ticket for other casinos?
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Different softwares have different systems.

Microgaming- you play the fixed unit of your currency, you receive the jackpot amount in your currency. The jackpot pool itself is held in the most valuable currency offered (GBP) and so if it is hit in a less valuable currency the jackpot reseeds to a higher amount than usual. For instance a 20k jackpot is hit in $ and instead of reseeding to its usual amount of 1k, they treat it as if only ~13k has been removed and it will reseed at 7k. This seems to me a fair and imaginative way of solving the issue

Playtech- the jackpot pool is held in USD so if you are playing in GBP you are playing for the same value jackpot but a smaller numerical value. However, it costs you the same numerical amount whichever currency you play in. For instance a 20k jackpot will cost either $1 or £1 but the jackpot will be $20k or £13k. A distinctly unfair way of doing it as I have pointed out many times to casino employees.

Cryptologic- Similar to MG but without the variable reseed level. Players play a fixed numerical amount in the currency of their choice and are paid the headline amount in that currency.
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Well slots is a game of luck and chance. So no strategy will work on the game, it is sure. Now in progressive slots game, as the jackpot got increased on every bet so if you got the jackpot then it would be a huge amount. On a progressive slot machine, a person may win an award without getting the progressive jackpot.

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