Odds on Random Jackpots

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Can anyone give me the odds of a Random Jackpot being hit by the same person at the same casino within a week five times? Just curious.

I have found the Rapid Fire jackpots at Intercasino more fair and random than any at the RTG casinos. I used to hit on an averge the Rapid Fire Jackpots of 1-2 a week at INtercasino whereas I am still looking for the elusive random at the RTG casinos. I am wondering just what it takes to catch one of those especially when you see someone hitting 5 of them in less than a week and cleaning out all the jackpots and playing at the smaller wagering denominations.

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I guess no one is interested or cannot come up with an answer. Thanks anyway.
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The question is impossible to answer which is why you didn't get a response. When you are calculating the odds, you need to know:

(1) what are the odds of a random jackpot being hit on a single pull?
(2) how many plays did the person complete to receive all five jackpots?

You didn't give either quantity, therefore, it is impossible to calculate.
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The only info I found is from here
Rapid Fire Jackpot Rules:
The Rapid Fire Jackpots are awarded to the player randomly. No matching symbols are required
The value of the wager determines the chance of winning a Jackpot

(Edit to add) Google is your friend. RF Guide


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