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I have found some craps lingo around the web, but I can not seem to find the really accurate things to say when you are at the table. I know I will figure it out when I get there, but it would be nice to know before hand. Maybe someone has a really thorough, good, clear list of what you say when you place bets, remove bets, etc.
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Great idea for a thread. Really.
We have some dealers and former dealers here who will speak up, I hope.

My, less than authoritative response, is to SPEAK ENGLISH and SPEAK IT PLAINLY AND BRIEFLY. The less "jargon" and "jokes" the better.

If you don't quite know what to do... feel free to let the dealer know that!! "Newbie here" is fine. Particularly if things are a bit slow, they will talk you through everything and make sure you understand what is going on. NEVER hesitate to ask a dealer a question. He may be busy as hell, but he will answer it when he can.

Most but not all casinos have signs that indicate minimum bets and the allowable Odds Factor, often the signs are color coded, but here is one bit of information to always remember: even though there are two large placards there in plain sight, the dealers are still perfectly happy to answer your questions. That is how they keep you happy... which is their goal because happy players leave tips for them.

What the payoff for a bet is? ASK. What odds you need behind a bet you've made? ASK.

ASK in English and be brief.

The Wizard has a lovely assistant who made a video on how to approach a craps table, you can start with that and go thru some of the other videos. And there is NextShooter dot Com whose website is now run by his daughter, I think, but still has some very good information.
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Many Casinos have a "Free Craps Lesson" around 11 AM every day. Even if you know the general principles, you should attend one of these.
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Quote: cowboy

Many Casinos have a "Free Craps Lesson" around 11 AM every day. Even if you know the general principles, you should attend one of these.


I agree. The OP can definitely benefit by attending one of these classes.
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When playing the don't pass, ask your dealer what the square root of 49 is!
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His answer will be "six plus one".
He won't utter the word seven any more than other players will.

Lectures: 11:00am or Noon Many casinos run introductory lectures.
4:00pm: Some casinos repeat them,,, but we would be talking Mon thru Thursday here normally.

Daytimes tend to be slower than evenings so feel free to ask questions.
Some of those lectures end with a five dollar bonus chip for attending but this is getting more and more rare.

Most websites now have good introductory descriptions.
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Or test his acumen:
What is the first prime number greater than 5?
What is the cube root of 343?
How many deadly sins are there?
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Quote: darthvader

How many deadly sins are there?

About the same number as the number of ways a dice dealer can screw up a payout to a player that annoys him.
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It's always best to state exactly what you are doing until the dealers know you and you know the dealer. Start off slow with a statement like "Place $12 on the number 6" -- full sentences are best.

Once you get to know the dealers and become more familiar, you can easily throw down money and just say "6" and if the amount is unclear (you require any change), the amount.

The middle of the table is a bit more difficult, and different casinos operate slightly differently with different calls for the same bet.
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Another thing to do is go during the day, or night if it's slow, and watch. The dealers will eventually ask you to get in, and they will teach you. However how I learned was I walked up to the table, asked the guy next to me to teach me and he did. I didn't get all of it that session, but the more you are at the table watching others, the more it makes sence.

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