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I have a question regarding the buster bet offered as a side bet and the advantage of banking these wagers. The buster bet chart was as follows: 3 card busts paid 2:1, 4 card busts paid 2:1, 5 card busts paid 4:1, 6 card busts paid 16:1, 7 card bust paid 50:1, and 8 card bust paid 200:1. I changed the payouts to 3 card bust 2:1, 4 card bust paying 3:1, 5 card bust paying 5:1, 6 card bust paying 16:1, 7 card bust paying 75:1, and 8 card bust paying 250:1.

Before the change those who banked the game had roughly a 6% advantage, now with the changes they are claiming that the odds have turned against them, making it a 6% advantage for the player, would these changes equate to a disadvantage for the banker and how can i do the math myself?
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I get a player advantage of about 6.36% with your payouts.

Here's an analysis of the original buster bet.

Copy the buster bet table into excel. Make "pays" times "probability" equal "return." The sum of "return" is the house edge. Then just change the "pays" to match your paytable.
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