Posted by DiscreteMaths2
Apr 16, 2017

5 Gambling Books Reviewed

The Basics of Winning Video Poker by J. Edward Allen
I do not recommend buying this book or even bothering to read it. It is an extremely bare bones overview of video poker. It is rather short and outdated as well. The only thing it has value for is if you never have heard of video poker and want an overview but the content of the book itself is completely outdone by a simple search engine search in 2017.

Winning At Slot Machines by Jim Regan
I do not recommend buying this book but its a good read for anyone brand new to gambling/casinos. This book is actually a good level headed introduction to the world of gambling through slot machines. However, it's downfall is that it is outdated so the same person who would benefit from reading this would also probably be bewildered by walking into a casino in 2017 and seeing all the modern video slots. The author should consider doing a new modern edition featuring all the new video slots and taking advantage of slot clubs.

The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott
I recommend reading this book to anyone interested in the world of advantage play (AP). I also recommend buying it if you are ok with just reading it once since there is not too much to look back in reference. Although it has a content bias towards Las Vegas and video poker the book applies to anyone trying to gain a positive expectation in a casino. You will not learn the strategy and secrets of your specific game but instead you will learn general concepts that can apply to gambling in any casino game.

Fundamentals of Poker by Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis
I did not read the physical booklet version but rather a free html version that is on the two plus two website. It is a good little booklet to have around if you want to know how to play some of the common variations of poker and the basic strategy that goes along with it. Does not compare at all to the more in depth selection of books Two Plus Two Publishing offers but rather just some good tidbits. Check of the free version if you wish but there are better intro to poker books out there.

Poker for Dummies by Richard Harroch and Lou Krieger
I recommend reading and buying this book to anyone interested in poker. Despite the "For Dummies" brand this is not some bottom shelf bargain bin book. It is really a perfect introduction to all the major topics one would be interested in the world of poker. It is just slightly outdated but its a book you can come back to reference to brush up on basic strategy or learn a new variation. The major in depth variation sections cover 7 card stud, hold em, seven-stud/8, and Omaha. If you are already reading advanced strategy poker books you can skip this but it is a perfect read for some Poker 101.


odiousgambit Apr 17, 2017

Thanks. Post more if you read more.

LostWages Apr 21, 2017


Thanks for posting your book reviews - I found them all helpful! I prefer reading reviews by WoV members vice reading the Amazon book reviews. I've just recently started reading Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp.

Now that I have a tiny amount of experience playing BJ twice on a table, and card-counting once, I'm wondering if you've read any books/articles that have to do with exploiting situations that favor the BJ player - not complicated strategies, but simpler things like identifying a dealer's mistake (in your favor), is it advisable to rathole (yes, I've read some of the posts), or just designing the best strategy for one's bankroll and playing temperament.

DiscreteMaths2 Apr 21, 2017

Unfortunately I haven't read any blackjack books yet. I am on a Poker bend right now so I will have a whole bunch of Poker books to post up reviews for next. I want a full library of gambling books eventually, so I will get to BJ in time.