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Quote: Nathan

A guy said on.another website that he won exactly $500 in a lucky drawing. But in order to claim his prize, he had to accept it on the very public stage. After he got the win, two burly men he had never seen before went near where he was playing with his won money and started giving sob stories about losing their money in slots and claimed they were hungry and strongly suggested he treat them to dinner at the casino restaurant with the money he publicly won. Luckily, a slot attendant was passing by and the guy gave her a look that clearly said,"Help me. These guys are harassing me," and she got the message and said something like,"We don't allow patrons to just stand around watching other patrons play. You guys will have to leave if you are not playing." She got the burly men to leave and he tipped her for helping him out.

I remember that story. The follow-up to it was that those burly men ended up winning a jackpot one week later and buying him dinner.
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Quote: TomG

I remember that story. The follow-up to it was that those burly men ended up winning a jackpot one week later and buying him dinner.

And a haircut!

"What, me worry?"
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Quote: rsactuary

I have *never* in all my years of gambling (30) and winning many hits over $500, including hand pays with the bells and whistles been accosted by someone wanting money in the way you describe here.

I also find it interesting that every post you make says something like "I read on another website" or "I heard someone else say" or something to suggest that none of these experiences are yours. Except for the Macy's card, which got you banned for 7 days because it was nowhere close to reality.

The Macy's gift card thing was a total ugh. I really should have thoroughly researched the promotion before I posted it on WOV.
Guy "won" less than his bet and the slot machine had the audacity to tell him he got a big win! SMH! Also, the Nintendo cartridge is so much more important than the Nintendo console. Without the cartridge, the Nintendo console is just a useless box.
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Quote: Johnzimbo

They need to make slots with bonus rounds that switch to video poker. Would get some people who only play slots exposed to VP, and I might play more slots if this came to fruition.

I came up with a Keno game that would do that!
Vultures can't be choosers.
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No matter whether a security problem presently exists or not, it will never be solved with any sort of privacy shroud. Surveillance, patrols, call buttons, etc. but never anything that impedes open view and a feeling of openness. No way.

TITO... heck, I'd like to see tokens or dollars brought back. Remember those 167 armored cars in a slow parade when Caesar's was about to open, each one filled with dollar coins? What advertising that was!!

Buckets of dollar coins? Bring 'em back.
Metal trays set to purposely make more noise than necessary? Well, no thanks.

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