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For those that don't know, odiousgambit is a bot. Odious bot is unable to tell a lie. It is confirmed that InTimeForSpace1 is a robot.

As far as banning people for martingale, an argument could be made that it's good for the casino (sort of) in that it makes it seem like martingale works, or else "why would they ban someone for using a system if it didn't work?" That type of thing.

Hell, maybe that's why some casinos sweat dice setters in craps.....but because it actually works, but to give them a false sense that it works and they're scared of it.
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I'm busted! It takes a bot to know a bot!
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Quote: RS


Good show!!
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there's so many articles on this website that make me cringe. however to be fair the article name is "How Can You Win With the Paroli System". so i guess technically speaking, you *CAN* win with any betting system. it is possible. not "how to win".

and you may be right that banning losing players may make them come back with more vigor and bankroll thinking they're on to something.... somehow i doubt they're up to anything that complex.
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Quote: Ibeatyouraces

Good show!!

I'd say it was robotic or predictable, but that would seem harsh to the actual robots. Hehehe.
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Quote: OnceDear

Remarkably, 888Casino have been known to ban members for Martingaling them! So the management obviously believe their own mumbo jumbo.
Also, though their blog has posts promoting card counting, they closed my account after specifically accusing me of card counting their live dealer games in a rather nasty email. ( I was in a small way, )

I'd believe it to a degree. I read an article about 20 years ago how the martingale was even disliked by casinos on slot machines. Notice the lines went up, bet per line went down. I think casinos as I remember it felt like if an individual lost a certain amount, offering a big bet could negate the day's losses, and it pissed them off. They want smooth variance and people predictable coming back.
Looks like sh!t just got imaginary!

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