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Quote: EvenBob

Scott Adams the cartoonist who recently got canceled because he makes racist comments like saying he was told to his face in the 1980s that he would never get a promotion because he was white and male and he's being called a bald-faced liar. Which is ridiculous because in the 1980s I heard that all the time when I had the cab company people would tell me who worked for General Motors that they were told by their boss that they would not be promoted because they were white and affirmative action guaranteed that they would always be stuck on the production floor. I heard this all the time so I know it was true and I know what Scott Adams says is true.
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I heard those stories back in the day. Sometimes it was more subtle other times everyone knew there was an outright quota. The Pittsburgh Police Department had outright quotas for years. Things got more subtle in the 1990s when "affirmative action" became "diversity." On an exit interview once I was asked what I thought of the company diversity efforts and I told them it was like living in "1984." She actually wrote that I said it like that.

I have no desire left to be promoted at work, I put my effort into my own side hustles and projects. Not worth selling your soul to them.
All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others
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Right on, brother. Fight the power. Damn the man!
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