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I like Ceasar's or Bally's. Ceasar's if you want a nicer room. I like being on the boardwalk side rather than the Marina, more to do in my opinion. But if you only want to gamble and don't care about TR, I'd go to Borgata.

I was never really a fan of Trop, only go over there to use the comps that I must be getting my mistake. The Cuban and Italian restaurant there are both very good though.
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Quote: Toobs

No one is a fan of Tropicana?

Trop has some very good restaurants (I specifically remember Il Verdi being excellent). The comps are pretty good but they're fairly quick now to take you off the mailing list if they think you have the better of them. The actual casino floor is pretty grimy and the dealers/crew tend to be less professional than some of the more upscale joints. It's got a poker room but it's run down and very low limit. Plenty of young people and it's a decent club scene if you're into that, but that also means obnoxious drunks at a higher proportion than many other places in town.

Borgata is far and away the nicest casino in AC, and I personally don't think it's close, but it is kind of annoying that it's isolated from all the others. If I were staying on the Boardwalk it would probably go: Caesars>Trop>Ballys>Resorts. Caveat being that Trop has better food and better nightlife than Caesars (it evens out a little if you include Ballys as being part of Caesars), so if those things are important to you, I'd go with Trop.

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