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I think the graveyard steak n eggs at south point is still $3-$4, although it's essentially the same thing as taking your belt off, cutting it into pieces and eating it.
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Quote: beachbumbabs

I'm exhausted just reading that itinerary. You sure you all want to run that hard?

Edit. I take it back. You've programmed some down time/nap into each afternoon, so it should be more relaxed than it first seemed. Have fun!

BBB, I did program some downtime, but I'm not sure how much more or less we'll need. However, I know they are troopers. Uncle was a marine and aunt was a school teacher.

Quote: mamat

Price went up slowly over the years to $11.99. $9.99 if you get a players card...and -$2 discount if you play $5.

However, the $6 taco bowl is huge. Not sure which hours the Taco stand is open, but it was good stuff (and 1/3 the price on the strip).

At $9.99 for steak, I would suggest Orleans of Main St buffet...or off-strip local buffets & restaurants.

I will check Orleans. Thanks for the suggestions

Quote: mcallister3200

I think the graveyard steak n eggs at south point is still $3-$4, although it's essentially the same thing as taking your belt off, cutting it into pieces and eating it.

I don't think we'll last until those hours!
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Sounds like a great trip!

Quote: SiegfriedRoy

Day 2::
6:00AM Wake up! (They are early risers)
6:30AM arrive at Joker's Wild for their $2.49 breakfast and gamble for a few hours (my aunt will dig $0.25 roulette)

You may want to check with JW as to how early they open their roulette table. When I went, we got there early in the morning, but they didn't open the craps table until 9. However, I did make good use of my time while I was waiting!
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Purchase LVA and or ACG for great BOGO buffet coupons and free slot play. 6 free drinks at Ellis Island.
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If you want a good, nice, not too-smokey and near strip area with 5$ 3:2 blackjack, go to Palms! Amazing casino, good employes, location is not perfect but there are free shuttles(to anyone) from ballys to Rio, which is few hundred meters from Palms. I know that Gold coast(near Palms) also have 5$ 3:2 games but I didn't try.

*They changed ownership recently to Maybe this information is dated.

For other cheap blackjack, there are video 6:5 blackjack with 3$ minimum in MGM and Excalibur(probably more), few 3:2 5$ machines at Venetian, and something new(I haven't try it on my trip...) in Venetain: stadium gaming, hybrid of live and machine, 5$ 6:5 blackjack.
There are also 5$ (6:5) in many place-I saw in New York, Excalibur, Linq and Circus-Circus. I think I saw 2$(maybe even 1$) machines of 1:1 blackjack but I don't remember if it was Excalibur or Monte Carlo.

Many places have on the video poker or multi-game machine, under dollar(even 0.25$) "blackjack" with no doubling or splitting and 1:1 odds(but few bonuses). I guess the house edge is very high though, and the game is head-up vs the machine(very fast...).
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Quote: Mission146

It's Vegas, baby! If I am looking to save money eating, I just drink more for free! JK

Amen brother.

I remember talking to Mrs. Q on the ol' cell phone once, and she said as long as I wasn't drinking and gambling, then that's fine. I'm still confused about that concept.
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