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Quote: DrawingDead

See, they need to learn to do this the modern Vegas way. When your frayed carpet joint gets a little short on scratch and you figure you need to hit the "do-over" button on the whole idea, you don't go out there and tear down the whole sign, just pawn some of the letters. Especially those expensive vowels. Send Vinny up there with a hammer and paintbrush and in an afternoon Las Vegas Hilton becomes LVH, Treasure Island strips down to TI, Fitzgerald's is left holding just the D, etc... Like the cool kids "ultralounges" that only have one syllable, tell 'em how the real class joints only need a couple of letters. Plus, it saves on the light bill.

So maybe make it the "P P." Or "T & A."

The "RUMP"
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Quote: bw

The "RUMP"

Methinks y'all could have a bright future as a consultant in that business.

Could it be redone with a "T P" theme perhaps?

Though maybe not as catchy as if they'd turned "The Imperial Palace" into a flashing neon "T. I. P." for all the valued visitors with their tipsy noses plastered to the windows as they approach their landing at LAS.
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