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Quote: heather

Nirvana probably wouldn't have been as big as they were had Kurt not died. Blasphemous as it might be to suggest in certain circles, I'm not sure that they were really as influential as people say.

Nirvana were big before Kurt sucked on the wrong end of a shot gun, and his early death helped firm up a legacy, for sure. But I didn't see them get any bigger after he died (the band was well on it's way to splitsville by that point due to his drug addiction, and lets face it, Dave Grohl is kicking all sorts of merry rock backside ever since).

Nirvana were the poster children for the Grunge scene, that has had a long lasting effect on indie/alternative music, and at the time did sweep away a lot of the mainstream "ROCK" music. Even if underneath it all it was there in the underground.

I think you'll see Nevermind as a influential album on a lot of bands who've made it today (and in the last ten years). I can't think of a band that's had the same effect on the music I tend to listen to since then. It's a lot more diversified as far as touch points go.
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Cobain wanted to die. His poetry, his suicide note to Courtney, all published btw, clearly indicate he couldn't (or wouldn't) hang with the rest of us and wanted to die. Heroin was too slow, so he upped the pace one day while Courtney was out of town. He wasn't found for three days. On the other hand, Chris Farley wanted to live. His last words were "Please don't leave me." to the escort who brought him the drugs as he was in the last stages of overdose. He was known as socially outgoing and energetic and just wanted to party all the time. Same with John Belushi.

I just saw on the news last night that Winehouse had purchased ecstasy, smack and coke at a club in the hours before her death. WoE earlier proffered the possibility of murder? I think that might've been obvious to police who removed the body, unless someone intentionally sold her much purer heroin than she was used to. According to her friends, Winehouse could "do coke till the cows came home" and they think it was excessive drinking combined with "bad" ecstasy pills bought at the pub she frequented that night.

Why do some folks smoke pot all their lives while others outgrow it? Why do some drink while others prefer pills? How can otherwise straight and sober people get a sports injury, wind up in the hospital and get a dose of morphine for the first time and think "Damn! Where has this been my whole life?" and begin a spiral of seeking the same high? What makes Cobain, Winehouse, Farley and Whitney Houston spend much of their fortunes and time on Earth chasing the next buzz, while others like Shania and Celine don't? I think it's a fascinating topic.
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Quote: buzzpaff

Quote: mrjjj
I'm hardcore. ASSUMING drugs and/or alcohol are to blame, I have no sympathy. She did it to herself.


Must be nice to be a cold hearted bastard

I'll say the same thing I just said at VLS. Look at the post above you from benbakdoff. That post agreed with me (and a couple others), so I assume you will ALSO say the same thing to benbakdoff, correct?


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