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January 8th, 2020 at 8:33:49 AM permalink
If my memory is correct, I read that cops find people passed away on the toilet. The body goes through stress during that time. I also read that cops go through the deceased wallet to remove anything that their spouse would not want to see (call girl cards) when they give the wallet to the widow.
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January 8th, 2020 at 9:38:11 AM permalink
Quote: TigerWu

Quote: Gialmere

Even the LVPD claims a total of 121 murders in the ENTIRE CITY in 2018, and only a fraction of those would be in hotels.


How many people living in Las Vegas? add in 40 million visitors

only 121 murders is a very low number


Violent crime is still trending down in Detroit, according to preliminary numbers issued by the Detroit Police Department on Friday. Police Chief James Craig says that in 2019, violent crime was down 4% from the previous year, and 16% from 2015. But there were 273 homicides last year, a slight jump from 261 in 2018.5 days ago

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