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Quote: Rigondeaux

Plus one on binions chili and the snack bar in general. Good stuff.

Worst I've had was boulder station buffet. Once for dinner. I couldn't make the 10 minute drive home.

Once for breakfast because how bad can you screw up breakfast? The answer is, real bad.

Palace, and Boulder buffets suck and they always have.

The Broiler salad bar is great, especially the clam chowder.

Boulder & Sunset Station have a Viva Salsa Mexican stand, they have the best ground beef soft shell or corn tortilla tacos I have ever had. I get the same thing every time. A 3 taco combo with beans, rice extra cheese, side of sour cream and a drink is less than $10.
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Quote: zippyboy

Worst buffet in LV IMO was the old IP buffet, and it was kinda expensive. .


Had a friend staying there, and tried it a couple times over days because of that. My impression was, they had a buffet, because casinos are suppose to have a buffet. Because I couldn't think of another reason for it to exist.
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Quote: zippyboy

To people bashing White Castle: it's an acquired taste apparently. Those burgers aren't supposed to be gourmet. If you like the WC from your grocer's freezer, the live version on the Strip is fantastic fresh WC burgers for a change. I love 'em! You can't compare them to steakhouse burgers, or even McDonalds. White Castle is it's own category, and there's a good reason they've been in business continuously since 1921, that's more than 30 years longer than McDonalds.

The only worse thing than liking White Castle is admitting it. There is no valid reason or justification. I imagine the reason they've been open so long is at least 25% of Americans have always had awful judgment, and that is a bad reason not a good one.
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Quote: RS

The ones that are "fresh" at a brick & mortar WC are nasty.

Never had one at a WC.....never been to one....

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Worst food I've ever had was the foot-long hot dog from Slots-O-Fun. That doesn't quite classify as a dining experience, so I'll add:

1. Late night food courts - various properties. Once the lights start going out, it's a sign to move on. Sub-par quality has taken a turn, and it's not for the better...

2. 550 Pizza at Aria. I did not like their pizza, could have been the odd veggie combo that I had, but it just wasn't good, nor was the atmosphere anything I really cared for.

3. The walk from Vdara to The Cosmopolitan through Cosmo's garage. You pass right through the exhaust from the buffet. Smelling any buffet exhaust is second only to eating at a bad buffet.
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Slots o fun foot long was good. I liked it the one time I had it. A couple trips to casino Royales foot long too. Not bad, got what I paid for. But I'll vote for Terribles buffet. The burgers were edible though.
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Worst food I ever had in the Vegas area was the coffee shop at Railroad Pass about 12 years ago. Worst buffet was Arizona Charlie's (Decatur).
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Quote: rxwine


Had a friend staying there, and tried it a couple times over days because of that. My impression was, they had a buffet, because casinos are suppose to have a buffet. Because I couldn't think of another reason for it to exist.

Stayed there once and got free buffet passes. First day was horrid except for their self made tacos that actually was not bad. Returned the second day and the one item they had removed was the taco station and replaced it with a Macaroni dish they labeled baked lasagna but tasted like Mac and cheese, ketchup and roadkill.
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Quote: FleaStiff

Is you comment based upon visits to that buffet that were PRIOR to the Dec 10, 2016 heavily touted complete overhaul??? .

Yes. Way before then. Okay, I promise to make a return visit before any further jabs.

BTW, Vegas comedians like to make fun of the Circus Circus buffet, but it isn't that bad. The Sahara and Riviera were both worst. However, since they no longer exist, I suppose the Circus Circus is my new second to the bottom.

Have a nice day.
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there was a mexican fast food joint in the food court at excalibur....I'm sure they used glue instead of cheese.
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