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Quote: bushman

Because I am a craps degenerate, I love this movie, especially this part.

Nevada movie trivia: Hard Eight was filmed in Reno. At the Peppermill!

My favorite Hoffman character is Mr. Lebowski's assistant, Brandt. I crack up just thinking about that guy.
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Quote: soxfan

I love it when Darwinism works its' magic, hey hey.

I'm hey hey'd up to my tolerance level.

Blocked. (sigh of relief)
"It's not enough to succeed, your friends must fail." Gore Vidal
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Quote: ontariodealer

we used to hang together at greenwood racetrack....he was a $50 window guy.

edit.....and we had the same bookie.

Man the RUSH I felt just hearing those words.... GREENWOOD RACETRACK
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Quote: paisiello

hard eight

You 'da man! FleaStiff, Enjoy!
Never count your winnings at hour 23 of a 24-hour drive.

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