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Quote: odiousgambit

Maybe in Finland they are into Rappers and it was supposed we would all be digging the usage. Understandable but regrettable. Pretty sure here he is surprised he offended.

[I think he said Finland]

Yeah, most people from Finland probably don't understand how sensitive the "N-word" is in the US, and how it is generally accepted (even though it shouldn't be, imo) for African-Americans to say it toward other African-Americans, but it's unacceptable for other groups to say it. He definitely needs a little slack if rap videos actually reached Finland. But then again, he also said 'canos, earlier. So I guess its possible racist slang could be a hobby of
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I would never use that word but I don't see any malicious intent from our Finnish friend. The problem is the 'rules' are constantly changing. What was acceptable in the past may not be so now and I think that's just the way some want it. Why hasn't anyone commented on a certain member's repeated use of the word gweilo? Mission? He may not mean it as an insult but some would take it as such.

I as well as everyone else has undoubtedly heard all the jokes and preconceived notions about our beliefs and ethnicity. They aren't going away any time soon so perhaps anyone overly sensitive should try to develop a thicker skin.
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How can anyone get offended by someone saying he's not a nxx? I did not point my finger to anyone saying he's a nxx. I had no any bad intention, and couldn't imagine I'd harm or offend anyone.

Words can hurt, when they are directed to someone, but a single word for no-one makes no harm to anyone. Samuel L Jackson is a cool guy:

Btw, I calculated about 1358 n-words in this Youtube video: so it can't be very offensive a word. Otherwise they wouldn't be using it towards each other. Oh wait.. they're blacks so they can use it and whites can't? Why? I hope CrapsForever is black, because a white person getting that nuts about this silly thing would be even more absurd and mindless over-acting political correctness. In my opinion - if one group has the right to use any one word, then everyone has the equal right to use that word. It's nothing racist but it's equality and something of a common sense.

I guess the New World Order makes the population more uniform and people will have bigger problems to get concerned about than those N words. I just began to hate people.

Thanks, and sorry!
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Quote: Fuengirola2

Oh wait.. they're blacks so they can use it and whites can't? Why?

Basically this. This is the way it's been in the US for most of my life at least. But why this word formed a double standard instead of being offensive in all uses/situations is beyond my comprehension.
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Personally, I think words lose their racial sensitivity when the culture that is supposed to be so offended by the word uses said word like it's nothing whatsoever. To me, it just seems like the people who get offended at the word are just looking for something to get offended by. That said, it is an extreme taboo to say that word if you are not African-American, which is a term that personally offends me. Growing up, I had a friend who was actually born in Africa, who the School Board ruled wasn't eligible for any African-American honors because she wasn't black.
Racial relations in this country will never fully heal until we all follow Dr. Martin Luther King's advice and judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. If we give cultural groups permission for racism because of their race we are therefore condoning behavior based upon the color of their skin, not on the man or woman that they are. Until we can have a society where everyone is treated equal and there is no Affirmative Action, then we are not living up to this ideal. I as a white person, don't wish to be blamed for the sins of people 8 generations ago, who weren't even in this country when those things were going on. And quite frankly, the Irish, Polish, Italians and other people were treated like absolute crap when they got here as well. They got over it. I don't say that to be insensitive but at some point we have to move on and grow up and become accountable for our own actions rather that looking to blame someone else for our lot in life.
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Note: I don't necessarily agree with this article but it is hilarious.
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Hey Fuengirola2, have you been to Muonio before, and does this look familiar?

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I have been like the friend's personal detective lately. They have been chatting with people on the internet on FB with "10" pictures thinking the women were real and all I had to do was a Google image search to see they were using stolen pictures. One guy was so hooked, the woman apparently told him she died. He was even going to rent a G550 at $10,000 per hour to Belgium from Colombia to pick her up at one point I am told. For how successful these people are, I can't believe they can fall for such an obvious hoax with dozens of pics of blonds not showing the face or pics of blonds not the same women.
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Quote: DRich

"Personally, I'm getting some hookers tonight in times in the jacuzzi suite."

The cheap ones are on 4th street by the Sands.

"Pardon me ladies, I'm looking for something in a Fontine, recently sold her hair and a tooth, has consumption. Seen her around?"
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" In my opinion - if one group has the right to use any one word, then everyone has the equal right to use that word. It's nothing racist but it's equality and something of a common sense. "

So when exactly did you have the common sense to tell a black man he was a N* ?
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