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Quote: michael99000

The Wrestler was a great movie , regardless of whether one considers wrestling to be a real sport

Wrestling is real, if you're talking about WWE brother

The Wrestler was a great movie.
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Quote: Lovecomps

With the Stanley Cup playoffs underway, I thought I'd see what everyone thinks earns the title of the best sports movie in category.

Hockey: Slapshot

Baseball: Tie; Major League and the original, politically incorrect, Bad News Bears.

Football: North Dallas Forty. If you've never seen it (and lots of people haven't) get it from Netflix ASAP.

Basketball: I don't think there's ever been one worth mentioning.

As soon as I saw the title I thought, “North Dallas Forty”. GREAT sports film.
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Also a shout out to a made for television film called The Jericho Mile..
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Did anyone mention Money Ball or Jerry Maguire ?
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Brian's Song. An instant classic.
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Quote: tringlomane

You forgot to write (1975) after "Rollerball". That's very important. The original is one of my all time favorite movies, but the remake is disappointing trash that should have never been made.

I made a joke this week that this was only a minor penalty in "Rollerball". The movie happened to be on the same night that Golden Knights choked Game 7 after that bad major penalty call.

As for other sports, I generally like comedies, so...

Hockey: Slapshot
Basketball: BASEketball (lol)
Football: The Waterboy
Baseball: Major League
Golf: Caddyshack
Bowling: Kingpin

The remake was so bad I actually forgot it existed. Totally agree.

Also Ayecarumba is correct Battle Royale should be on the list
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"Rudy" - a bio of a 5'6" 165lb. guy with dyslexia who dreamed of playing for Notre Dame's football team

also ""Big Fan" - story of a guy who's whole life is about being a New York Giants fan
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Thanks for this post from:
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I always put When We Were Kings at the top of the sports movies list. Everyone who has seen it puts it close to the top as well. Don't know how it hasn't become more well-known.
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Quote: Mosca

As soon as I saw the title I thought, “North Dallas Forty”. GREAT sports film.

I love it. It's a great rep representation of the NFL sex and drugs era. In case someone missed the obvious, they're supposed to be the Dallas Cowboys.

I still love the original Bad News Bears because, for one thing, it's actually a social criticism of Little League as a whole. Also, you have to love a movie that would be protested and maybe not even made today (that miserable remake doens't count) because it's so politically incorrect, I love how Tanner describes his own team which I'll say in PC mode to avoid being suspended:

Just a "bunch of people who believe in Judiasm, Hispanics, African Americans, boys who are less than masculine, and a developmentally delayed boy who likes to consume his own dried mucus."

Ther's a reason why you never see it on television- that and Walter Mathau drinking beer while driving with boys w/o seat belts and sitting on top of a convertible.
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I will pick The Cutting Edge, its my favorite movie so far.

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