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Do not forget that you can legally buy pot while here. Tell the clerk you are looking for something for pain.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: speedycrap

Thanks. Police gave me a ticket and said it was my fault driving on bus lane. Doctor said minor injury with 2 (only 2) fractured ribs. Ribs will heal by themselves. The Glen Lerner guy, should I contact him?

At least they didn't haul you off to jail(-;

I don't think you have to have insurance here for a Moped/scooter, so that's good.

Ya, that's what I figured, you can't use the bus lane to travel on, it's not a moped lane like most people think, perhaps if you are turning into business or something like that. It seems as if this is what they were doing?

How much was the ticket for? Must you appear in court? The judge may drop it down if you get a DL. Good luck with that, the written test is actully fairly hard nowadays here in NV(trust me, I passed but it was hard, I know people who have failed multiple times, most of the people you see there seem to fail the first few times).

Didn't they cite you for not having a driver license(ill let them know they forgot(-;)? You do need that to drive a Moped/scooter.

If it's your fault, I think the odds are slim that you get anything covered.

Its free to contact an attorney, so why not, I don't think it can hurt. As I said, they come to you for an interview. I don't just don't know what the requirements are for them to come out. I have never used an attorney for a car accident. I'm partial to Glen Lerner since I have known him since the 90's, before he blew up, it's a big operation now. Hell, I even tried to use him for a gaming case way back when, but that was not his forte, to say the least.
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