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September 7th, 2014 at 8:19:41 PM permalink
Another option, is a one or two piloted planes and a squadron of drones flying with them.

You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket anyway if you're designing war systems, so you could argue multiple systems which still include humans overlooking other systems is better than designing people completely out of the picture.

Yeah, you have remote pilots with drones, but having people in the theater is good until proven otherwise.
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Dog fights in World War one were at lower altitudes and lower speeds and less powerful weapons but the theory is the same. Get on the guy's tail and fly him into the ground or force him to turn into your bullets.

Increase the speed and turning tightness and its the same thing only pilots start to gray out at each turn and lose peripheral vision.

Back seat guy even on hot mike and pounding on pilot's helmet can't get his attention.

Pilots now shut down every system they can before going into combat. Sensory overload already. Everyone knows robots would be better and can do tighter turns.

But do you think closing a tank factory in Minsk was any easier than closing a fighter factory in California.

Every tank commander wants a drone with a camera looking around that next curve in the road or the next block of urban buildings that might be hiding dozens of RPGs held by twelve year olds.

RPG's are 75 dollars. Drones tend to be gold plated and need escorts but they are cheap. Its the Tank and Tank Commander that are valuable.
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I think you will see drone squadrons within 5 years, because all the pieces are in place and they're already doing that in limited deployments, and who knows what they're doing under black ops? But I stand on my estimate of 20 years before it's our primary method. I don't know that they'll put a manned pilot to lead drones in place, because they have E-AWACS and other ways of putting eyes on the combat theater, but it's might turn out to be an excellent transition tool.
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The pilot-selects seem very upset about being slotted for Preds and Reapers..... Kind of a big bummer going from actual flying to "desktop" flying. From what I know drone pilots had their own AFSC, to being part of the Pilot job class.
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Quote: DRich

I will be at a Naval Air Station training facility in Texas this week. I would be interested in what the people there think is a realistic time frame for our first squadrons of unmanned fighters. Assuming they don't already exist in the covert arena.

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Casinos will use drones to shoot down people who win 1000 dollars a day.
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Quote: AxelWolf

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