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Quote: cclub79

My roadtrip is December, and I was going to do DIAD someplace along the way, but now I'm going to wait until January. I'm safe until March anyway, so it's all good. Thanks for the info!

It sounds like you are going to do DIAD to regain Diamond status. You might want to check that because as I recall reading somewhere they changed it so DIAD can only be done once, and/or can't be used to regain Diamond status. However, I couldn't find anything about that with a quick Google search so I could be in error. I just didn't want you to go through the process, and the potential expense, only to find it didn't work.
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I returned to Windsor the past week.....first time this year at a Caesars property. Had zero points towards diamond and by day 3 it was done deal. It wasnt the plan to obtain it...sometimes you just get on a roll and it happens. First night there on Triple Double Bonus picked up quad 3s with a Ace....followed in under 10 minutes with quad Aces with a three. Nice thing about all of it.....NO TAXES

oh and the first hit the machine is set to spit out the voucher(if the win added to credits tops $2500) hand pays on poker machines until the $2500 was okay with me no tipping required

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