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Quote: Ayecarumba

There's a driving experience at the speedway...

OH. MY. GOD...

Someone's been reading my diary ;)

Also, there goes my bankroll. Best use of gambling money ever.
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Quote: pacomartin

Tandem jumping requires almost no instruction, and that's why it has replaced static line jumps for the thrill seeker. I have never heard of anyone getting hurt without both people being killed, so for the most part the guy on your back is in control. But anytime you are going up in an airplane you are subject to delays.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is a little cheaper and more predictable wait times. A jet engine blows you into the air which causes weightlessness (or zero acceleration if you prefer).

$5off coupon (note: Single Flight = $85.00 b4 coupon and only 3min long :(

Craps is paradise (Pair of dice). Lets hear it for the SpeedCount Mathletes :)

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