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January 30th, 2021 at 10:03:00 AM permalink
I think we are talking different types of coupons. Obviously LVA Coupon book and American Casino Guide coupons have no name or casino, personal ID attached. Other coupon books exist and get taken advantage of. Heard stories of dumpster diving and so on.
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Some postcards demand id and need to be the same as the addressee, some just demand a players club and others anyone can use.
Stations used to mail out a monthly brochure that you only needed a club card to use. Boyd mailings, you needed the card listed on the coupon. Or perhaps it was the other way around. Longhorn would send out coupons, but you needed to show id and they were once a month, so while you could multi-card them a bit, it wasn't a bonanza.
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Quote: DeMango

I think we are talking different types of coupons. Obviously LVA Coupon book and American Casino Guide coupons have no name or casino, personal ID attached. Other coupon books exist and get taken advantage of. Heard stories of dumpster diving and so on.

You don't technically dumpster dive for coupon books. You hit the mail rooms at various apartment complexes where people would toss them out or simply give them to you when you asked.

I had a ton of experience with this back in the 90's, on and off, up until about 2010. I cant remember the last time I went on a hunt for coupons, BUT I LOVE IT, I cant wait for the opportunity to do it again.
It's more if a treasure hunt, I think I enjoyed finding the coupons more than I did playing them.

I actually had somewhat of a route and knew the best places to go(many places are locked or only unlocked during certain hours). I knew the best times and when the mail man arrived at that location. When people get off work they usually stop and grab their mail before they head to their apartment/condo. You could oftentimes pick up 20 booklets in an hour during those times just by simply asking people if they were going to use their coupon book. They were more than happy to give it to you.

At some point, I went out and bought some long shallow storage bins. I glued the coupon book to it and made a sign asking for the booklet's. I placed them it in or out outside the mailrooms on my route. Unless I was late to the party finding out about the coupons, I usually got more than I could use, sometimes hundreds. That was usually when they had good coupons in the Val-Pac's. People were more likely to give those up than a casino coupon book. The Val Pac's looked more like run of the mill junk mail.

I'm sure MDawg will be along and call me a dumpster diver. He and others can scoff all they want, since most of the coupons I went after were worth between $100 and $500(worth more than their weight in gold), and with very little risk per coupon when playing for the bonuses. It was close to impossible to lose after using a number of them. Closet to impossible is probably overstated, but, those who understand will get my point.

I seemed to run above expectation for most of my coupon runs. Some coupons were less valuable, but well worth it. For instance, $50 Black Jack Aces and Match plays are fairly juicy, especially when you can run 20 in a day, it's fairly hard to lose.

The ones that were worth $100 to $500 were usually something along the lines of double four-of-a kind coupons. It might be a a 200 coin bonus on a four-of-a kind playable on $5 denominations. It might be a flat $100-$200 bonus where you could play .25 and various other combinations, amounts and bonuses.

You would get coupon booklets with gaming coupons for Bars, casinos, supermarkets and connivant store chains.

There was one group of bars called, Bounty Hunter's, they had about 4 or 5 locations. They had both a 4 of a kind bonus and a full house bonus that you were playing for simultaneously. You could even hit multiple locations at the beginning and play one per day per location. At one point, I had some of the bartenders buying them from me for $100. Even some of the regular customers would ask for a coupon and then split the bonus with me next time I seen them. One bartender would call me up whenever he needed a reload. A few times he would call me at 3 am wanting some coupon's. I would tell him to just pay the bonuses and I be in with coupons in the morning before he got off. (I posted some of those old coupons on my twitter account.)

Oh, I almost forgot, once the other AP's found out about the coupons, they would also buy them. They would usually buy 5-20 at a time for 25%- 50% of the value. I would oftentimes have so many, I knew I couldn't play them all before the play would end.

Speaking of LVA. Back in the day, Anthony was furious with us for going to town on those coupons when they had the juicy stuff.
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