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The biggest scam is that the palazzo and Venetian force you to hand them your id for any players club transaction and they SCAN IT EVERYTIME. I have argued each time to no avail
This is the same company that had the system hacked a few years ago, when you talk to a manager it gets no where
I was even told once or twice it's a law
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Thanks for this post from:
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Quote: MrV

Very well written letter, but that's all it is: a letter.

Yes, but in practice a letter has force. The Nevada Gaming Commission has now received written notification of a claim that they are not enforcing the law (or not enforcing it correctly.) During any future hearing or court procedure the Commission can no longer claim that they were unaware of any problems or enforcement issues of this type. Thus the letter creates an increased level of future legal jeopardy for the Commission. This is often enough to induce an organization to change its ways.
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The letter will reinforce the Commission member's prior thoughts that he is an ambulance chasing trouble maker and little else.

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