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Quote: bobbartop

My aged memory at work, I think I was at Hollypark many years ago and early in the card I saw a horse go over the finish line with its front leg snapped in half and dangling. It was awful, just awful. I just turned around and went home, tears in my eyes. Part of the game.

I seem to remember the name of the horse was Hello.

I just confirmed on Equibase, it was an Irish horse named Hello, in the Swaps Stakes, Grade 2, in July 1997, at Hollypark. I'm sure they put him down.

The 2-to-5 winner was Free House, if you're old enough to remember him.
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That's too bad. Just heard Lucky Pulpit, California Chrome's sire pased away from a heart attack in the breeding shed covering his first mare of the season. 16 years old.
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