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(Old) Lobster Mania, Texas Tea. Millionizer. (Old) black cat That's last is probably not the right name. Has the broken mirrors bonus and steps bonus.

I generally don't like the updated versions of anything.
Quasimodo? Does that name ring a bell?
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Yeah, baby!
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you have a good taste indeed )
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I call shenanigans
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I like two. The Double Diamond because it seems to have the least frills and pay more often than the triples, quads, quints, etc.

And, the new Mike Myer's "Austin Powers" is quite amusing, albeit unprofitable for me thus far. It is a hoot - makes me want to sit through the same silly jokes again.
"Those who have no idea what they are doing, genuinely have no idea that they don't know what they are doing." - John Cleese
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Quote: Wizardofnothing

I call shenanigans

I too have noted shenanigans, but that is nothing new. Nothing wrong with pointing them out as you run into them. You seem to have a knack for spotting them. I would say, " you go girl" or something of a male equivalent if I knew a good phrase. "But I know nothing" - sgt Shultz - Hogans Heroes.
Youuuuuu MIGHT be a 'rascal' if.......(nevermind ;-)...2F
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Anything with the "Hot Roll" bonus game.
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MicroGaming slots are my fave, they've got a wide array of options for slot lovers. My ultimate favorite though is Cashanova. I'm sucker for pick features, makes me feel like I'm of a great manipulation.
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My favourite
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Thanks for this post from:
June 21st, 2017 at 6:22:47 AM permalink
Btw, why is it ok to have these super racist slot themes that play up asian stereotypes?

There's plenty of other examples.


...would never be a slot theme.
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