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I had decided in May that I would play EZ Paigow, betting all sidebets next time I saw it, in Dan's memory. Found an open table last night, though I was the only player (which i like, fwiw). Played 2 hands, @$10 min, $5 fortune (Dynasty), $2 queens dragon, $2 Paigow Protection. Second hand is set House Way. Count was 72 hands since QD, 4 hands since envy.

Sidebar: When I first played this game at Harrah's KC, the A-5 SF was called.the "Lubin Wheel" on the felt paytable. For some reason, it's now called the "Luhn Tao" wheel. Maybe a different distributor (Dan himself?), maybe changed since 2013 or so when I saw it there. Guessing there's a story...

Anyway, 10 hands in, down about $100 in a slow dribble, lower my QD bet to $1, but otherwise the same. Grit my teeth at 3 dealer FH, but refuse to whine. Have been adding $5 to the Ante on each win for that hand, but not much for streaks happening.

Another player sits down 14 hands in, just after card change. He only plays table min, ante bet. 5 hands later, q high paigow, 2x $50 for me. Even though it just hit, I keep the $1 bet up. Catch a couple good hands w/bonus, just above even.

8 hands later, dealer q high again. Another 2 x $50 for me. But the fun part comes when they flip my House Way hand. 9 high Paigow. $200 for my $2 Protection bet. And that sucker pushes with a $25 ante on dealer's queen. Ha!

Played 1 more hand, colored up, went to dinner up almost $400. Thanks, Dan. RIP.
If the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game.

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