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Quote: GaryAiken24

...I always do $100 - $200 - $400 - $800 - $1600 - $3200 - $6400 Done...

I'm glad you were lucky enough to make money, however as has been eldued it's a very dangerous system to adopt. I once saw someone using the same method win the equivalent of a new car this way, only to lose it and more within a few weeks.

As you know this site tries to give mathematical analysis to games and systems, which is why the word "Martingale" is being mentioned and its downfalls explained. No honest system, expect spotting a biassed wheel or measuring the ball's speed, will beat roulette.
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I used the Martingale once. I lost my posterior on four consecutive losses.

On Pai Gow.

I have come to the conclusion that the Martingale sucks.

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