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Quote: Beardgoat

The 18 yo in a row is impossible for me to believe. The other stories are not though. Im only 29 and haven't played a lot of craps in my life but I have seen people hit hit hard ways or snake eyes 3 times in a row. I've seen people tip other shooters. I have evn been tipped. I have witnessed people making hop bets or horn bets many times in a row. I tend to believe most of what Alan says.

Completely agree. Though I have no reason to doubt Alan and I actually believe he is one of the most honest members here. I also know human nature, and 6 yo's in a row seems like 10 when it happens and over time as we repeat the story it becomes 18...... This is not to question Mr. Mendelson's honesty but rather to point out that craps roll data are not collected or stored scientifically.
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It's weird to me. I don't even think Alan is lying about 18. I know it's totally possible he saw it, but I just would never believe it. Even if I saw a recording I wouldn't believe it. If the wiz himself verified it I wouldn't believe. I'd literally have to see it to believe it
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Quote: sodawater

i heard someone once won $270 by betting a $1 yo and hitting it 18 times in a row.

if only the dipshit had a clue about pressing...

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