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Quote: Nostron

I'm curious where you guys play that you encounter all these assholes? I have played thousands of hours from Vegas to New Orleans to Cherokee to Tampa to cruise ships to gambling boats.

I have seen the occasional eye roll and grumbling but only twice in my 20 years or so of gambling have I seen any rude behavior and both times the pissed off player got up and left quickly.

The most egregious instance I've seen was in Montreal. I was playing with a friend who really had no grasp of basic strategy and was doing whatever the hell he wanted. The player next to me, after a hand where my friend made some sort of boneheaded play, stood up out of his seat, pounded his fists on the table, and started SCREAMING at my friend in French. Not being French speakers, we had no idea what he was saying. Whatever the play was pissed this guy off so much that at the end of the shoe, he got up and left. The dealer just said "they're your cards, play them however you like". Nobody said anything to the incensed player. In Atlantic City, such behavior would have gotten him escorted out.
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Quote: DrawingDead

Something similar to this crap happens at poker tables, often in the form of: "How could you call me with that trash!" Of course the person doing it is always the least competent player at the table, and is always wrong. Always, every time. And when a weak staff chooses not to do their job and step in to deal with it as they should, one develops a few handy stock responses to shut them up enough to move on, so they can finish losing their money. Don't know if this works the same in the pit, but some of mine are:

    1. MP3 player + earbuds + volume knob.

    2. "No hablo Inglés, Senor."

    3. Psycho gibberish, delivered with a crooked maniacal smile & slightly themed to the game at the table: "The hypoteneuse of the reverse implied Sklansky ace outs exceeded the square root of stack to kettle ratio... so I called." I find his one works best when you're seriously short on sleep & haven't had a chance to shave in a couple of days so you may plausibly look like someone who's supposed to be on some kind of serious medication, but isn't.

My response to the guy that says "How can you call with that?" when I win the pot with nothing but an Ace high is "How can you bet nothing into a calling station?" Of course the guy has no clue that I've been watching him bluff the pot for the last two hours.
"Quit trying your luck and start trying your skill." Mickey Crimm
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Sometimes I think it's easier to survive hitting a 16 over a 12. 12's really annoy me. I have no problem hitting them, even against a 6. The other day 3 of us at the table all got 12's against a 5. The other 2 actually decide to double. I just hit. They end up losing and I won. Kinda messed up. Later I busted with a 10. Nobody else hit and it would have been the bust card. So instead of us all winning, we all lost. Kinda felt bad about that but that's the way it goes. I'm not one of those guys who believes in the flow of the cards so I dont get mad at other players. The other day a guy split 5's against a 10! Yes split, not doubled. I just shook my head the whole time. When the dealer busted I told the him he was one lucky guy.

Sometimes the real degenerate types can be annoying to play with. You just have to deal with it. I find it best to not say anything back to them or just shrug your shoulders. I was playing next to a lady once. There was an open spot between us. I had played 2 hands a few times and she did as well. I noticed the count getting a little high, so I asked her if I could play it. A guy next to her who had maybe been there 5 minutes looked at me and said I'll let you know know in one minute if that was a good idea. The dealer then turned a 5 into 21. He got all mad and stomped off. The lady turned to me and said thanks for getting rid of him.

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