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Quote: AxelWolf

My math skills are worse than my spelling, sentence structure and punctuation, yet, I have no problem understanding that simple concept. Perhaps, it's a logic skills.

There is no one here whose math skills were worse than mine. That was true even before recent medical traumatic brain pressure events. Yet I understand about "the short end of the stick". It is still fun to gamble and that short end of the stick at least keeps you in the game long enough for Lady Variance to smile upon you from time to time.

We don't feel guilty taking an occasional flyer on the lottery but we don't consider it anything but a high-priced long shot.

We may try to exploit a flashing dealer from time to time or a must-hit bonus but overall we all know its a House Edge game because that is how the house makes its money and pays for the expensive booze and the cocktail waitresses.

It is fun and we just might wind up in the plus column.
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If you dont know the answer to something, say you dont know the answer, dont tell other people that its impossible.

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