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Quote: ChumpChange

Actual banks are currently having some difficult time getting cash delivered to them. The coin shortage could morph into a dollar shortage. Keep your digital currency going though.

There's nothing wrong with digital currency just as there's no problem with bartering cans of beans, strings of beads, and 90% silver dimes.

There is only a problem when someone else won't accept them.
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Quote: ChumpChange

The mayor of NOLA can still tweet despite 96% of NOLA in a power outage.

One would assume local government would have access to generators, no surprise.
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Quote: darkoz

Did the guy look like Joe Pesci?

I watched "Night Of The Running Man" (1995) on Amazon Prime last night.
Night of the Running Man - Wikipedia
Chambers himself skimmed the money from mob boss August Gurino.
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Quote: rxwine

Drich should have had a private plane to Mexico ready.

I didn't know that I would be picking up the cash until about an hour before. Besides, it was not enough cash for me to want to abscond to another country.
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