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Quote: dave12038457

There are good cops and there are d!ckhead cops.

Indeed, there are d!ckhead cops.

The best way to avoid them is to OBEY THE LAW!
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I was "Obeying" the law both times I cited.
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Quote: dave12038457

Well I used to be very pro-police. Until I was pulled over after I supposedly crossed the center line. Something myself and passenger dispute to this day.
Then since I had a few beers over 8 hours I had to do the whole field sobriety test. I passed and got a warning for crossing the center line.
Another time a cop stopped be lights a flashin to ask me about my antique car, and nothing else.
I could go on and on.
There are good cops and there are d!ckhead cops. Problem is the good cops won't snitch on the d!ckheads so they have free range.
Anybody who thinks this stupid drunk kid got what he deserved is living in la,la land. If you allow them do whatever they want they will become like Gestopo agents.

So, you got stopped twice in your life and they let you go with a warning both times?
The police are certainly out to get you...
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Police have to obey the law they protect.

If you curse me and my friends in the street, we cannot run over and beat the crap out of you.

Notice the judge has ruled the cops cannot put the lawsuit off until the criminal charges are tried. This means they may be successfully sued even if he is later found guilty however I doubt a sane jury will agree with that.

I mean, he's being charged with attacking the dog! If a dog is sicced on you, how can you be charged with attacking the dog. And anyone would defend themselves when being bitten by a dog.

Also, I saw in one interview that police are trained NEVER to allow the dog to bite the back of the neck as that can lead to permanent injury and certainly not when someone is prostrate on the ground.

In the end, whatever lunacy the grand jury does, the video will speak for itself.
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Most AC police are dicks. I'm law abiding for the most part but most encounters I've had with AC police lesve me thinking they're dicks.

The atlantic county prosecuted office couldn't solve a suicide by hanging in a one man jail cell.
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Quote: Gandler

So, you got stopped twice in your life and they let you go with a warning both times?
The police are certainly out to get you...

And both times he should not have been stopped.
A friend of mine was recently stopped and the cop said I saw your out of state plates so I thought you were lost.
What a bs excuse to stop someone. Cops need to be held accountable for their actions but instead lie for each other.
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